(My humble collection)

As you can see, I’ve got one for GO and one for SHOW! Don’t get me wrong, the Seamaster is a REAL dive watch in every sense, in fact its water resistance rating bests the Aqualand by 100m. Seriously, if you had to go diving, which would you rather have?

This is a serious hunk of steel, with more gadgets then you can shake a stick at. As I mentioned in my quick review of this watch (QUICK REVIEW HERE), I am not a real diver, but I sure love the fact that my watch can do things I can only dream of. All in all, I don't regret my purchase one bit. Although, if the bracelet would’ve been very expensive and/or unattainable from North America, I doubt I would’ve been able to live with the rubber strap alone.

If you’re looking for a top notch stainless steel dive watch/computer and are considering the Sunnto line-up. You should seriously look into this BAD BOY, you will not be disappointed. I was informed by Citizen Watch Co. USA that only 200 of these watches were imported into North America and they are sold out. The U.S. retail price was of $995.00, which isn’t bad when you consider the usual rebates that can be had at your friendly neighborhood authorized Citizen dealer. They also mentioned that they don't have any word whether or not they'll be importing any others. My guess is that if you want one bad enough, they may special order it for you, but you can kiss the discount goodbye. Then again, there's always the internet…

Guess who else likes my new dive watch?

(after a full day of wearing Daddy’s watch, I can barely keep my eyes open…)

Special thanks to Reto Castellazzi for bleaching (photoshop term) many of the scans found in this review. You are a great friend, keep up the great work on your new forum! Success is your destiny!!!

*Please keep in mind that this watch is to be used as a back-up instrument ONLY and should not be relied upon as your primary dive reference. As per the Citizen manual supplied with the watch.

Thanks for reading!


p.s. Please forgive the brocken picture links in my previous reviews. Some were destroyed when went down and the others are victims of's new policy.