Usually, in this section, I describe the watch's movement in great detail i.e. history, function, finish and accuracy. Well, with this watch, it would be quite difficult to get into standard movement descriptions. So instead, I will attempt to enumerate and clarify all of its wonderful and useful functions.

  • Dive Computer Functions: Depth meter [1m ~ 80m], diving alarm, depth alarm, rapid ascent warning alarm, maximum depth memory, diving log data up to 200 hours [maximum two-hour dive x 100 dives], calculation of residual nitrogen in the body, calculation of no-fly time
  • Fully automatic water sensor switch
  • Data transfer with PC [communication unit with USB cable or infrared port]
  • Data transfer with another CYBER AQUALAND [infrared port]
  • Thermometer [-9C ~ 40C]
  • Daily bit map images on the display panel
  • Fully automatic calendar
  • Alarm
  • 1/100th second chronograph [up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 99]
  • Countdown time from 99 minutes to 1 minute [1-minute increments]
  • 12/24 adjustable display
  • World time, selecting up to 30 cities across 48 time zones, or input city of choice
  • Destination timer
  • External charging [AA batteries x 4]
  • Battery life approx. 1 month [assuming two 30-minute dives per week] & 6 months regular Desktop Diver use
  • Remaining battery charge indicator

  • This remarkable CYBER AQUALAND dive computer watch has a wide array of breakthrough features to keep a diver in the know. Most exciting -- it provides two-way data transfer with a PC via infrared or USB cable. [Illustrations 1 & 2] It can even communicate with other CYBER AQUALAND watches. [Illustration 3] Besides having brains, this watch is a beauty - with a sleek design that takes technology to new heights, and of course, new depths!

    Alarm Settings
  • Choose from 15 separate alarm sounds

  • Schedule Function
  • Set commemorative dates, birthdays, etc.

  • Image Indicator Function
  • Show optional bit map images on the display panel

  • World Time Function
  • Select or input chosen cities

  • Destination Timer
  • Count down time remaining until destination

  • Watch-to-Watch Data Exchange
  • Synchronize time, alarm, diving alarm, depth alarm, schedules with other CYBER AQUALAND models via wireless infrared data exchange [See illustration 3]

    Depth Meter
  • Activated when the diver enters the water; operates between 1m and 80m

  • Thermometer
  • Has a range of -9C to 40C

  • Calculation of Residual Nitrogen in the Body
  • Calculates amount of nitrogen remaining in the body during and after diving

  • Depth Alarm
  • Indicates diver has exceeded maximum operating depth

  • Maximum Depth Memory
  • Records the maximum depth attained during a dive

  • Calculation of No-Fly Time
  • Calculates amount of nitrogen remaining in the body during and after diving

  • Rapid Ascent Warning Alarm
  • Warns if diver is exceeding predetermined ascent rate

  • Diving Alarm
  • Sounds when designated time is reached

    The PC operating environment described below is required for using AQUALAND GRAPH 2001 and CAPgm.

    1) PC capable of operating with Windows98, Windows Me or Windows2000 (pentium 200MHz and above recommended)
    2) Operating System [compatible OS]: Windows98, Windows Me, Windows2000
    3) Minimum available memory: 32MB [64 MB or more recommended]
    4) Hard disk Available: hard disk space of a minimum of 15 MB in the Windows directory and minimum of 10 MB in the install directory are required during installation
    5) Display: Color SVGA display having a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 [256 colors] compatible with Windows98, Windows Me or Windows2000
    6) Disk Drive: CD-ROM drive [required during installation]
    7) USB port or infrared communication port

    *Windows 98, 2000, and Me are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and in other countries. The algorithm of this dive computer is licensed from the Defence and Civil Institute of Environment Medicine [DCIEM] of Canada. Specifications and appearance of the products shown here are subject to change without notice

    Much of this information, was provided by the OFFICIAL CITIZEN CYBER AQUALAND website, to visit CLICK HERE! It sure is nice to see a watch company put so much work into a website dedicated to one of their products. Be sure to check out the VERY thorough F.A.Q. section! I just wish more companies would do the same.